Basement Plumbing Issues – A plumbing problem in the basement can be a real drag. Luckily, at DrainWorks, we have 20+ years of  experience as the plumber Toronto relies upon.

In our latest featured reviews, we’ll take a look at problems originating or discovered in basements throughout the GTA.

Remember, these are real reviews from real customers, pulled from the website If you click on over to our Homestars page, you’ll see our awesome 9.5 out of 10 rating, which now account for over 1400 reviews. Be sure to check them out to see how we truly set ourselves apart from the pack of plumbing companies in Toronto. Basement Plumbing Issues:

Basement Plumbing Issues

First up, a customer in the North Toronto area found a big mess in her basement, and had a great experience dealing with the pros at DrainWorks.

Wet Basement Now A Dry Basement

Head downstairs to watch a movie and step onto a big, wet, soggy carpet. Worst basement nightmare.

DrainWorks was my first call, William was quick with advice and Armando arrived on Monday to walk me through the process and today, I have new pipes, new drains and peace of mind.

Everything was explained in great detail – I saw the clogged, tree root filled clay pipes and then the white, clean new PVC pipes two days later.

Basement and driveway now spotless. Thanks to all.

Marianne from North Toronto

Unfortunately, clogged pipes filled with tree roots can be an all-too-common problem at this time of year, and it’s in the basement of the home where you generally notice the problem. Here’s another review along the same lines.

Drain Backup Fixed

This morning (a Sunday) I walked down into my basement and stepped in a puddle. I immediately started to panic.

Based on a recommendation from my brother-in-law, I called DrainWorks. They were busy but were able to come to the house within 5 hours.

Matt confirmed with a camera that, as is typical in older homes, some tree roots had made their way into the few feet of clay pipes not replaced by a previous owner and created a clog.

He explained all of the options available to us and we took care of the issue today.

Thank you for the prompt and professional service!

It’s our pleasure, as always! Shifting gears, here’s a review that touches on our process — our ongoing commitment to providing high quality customer service that our valued customers truly appreciate.

Efficient and Knowledgeable

I filled out a “get a quote form” on line and received a phone response the same day. An appointment was set for a technician to visit and the payment information was explained to me. The company was very accommodating in scheduling a visit to meet my timetable. I received a call the day of to say the technician was running on time.

When Matt arrived I explained that the toilet, in the basement, was not flushing properly. I found that he was very knowledgeable, as he described the work that could be done to resolve the problem. Once I chose a method, he proceeded to perform the work. He left the area extremely clean so there was nothing for me to do. I was very pleased with the service. Basement Plumbing Issues

Gina from Toronto

Plumbing Problem?

Whether you have a plumbing problem in your basement, attic, or anywhere between, you can always count on the experts at DrainWorks to get your problem fixed quickly and let you get on with your day. Contact us today or fill out our quick and easy form to book a Toronto plumber online!

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