Drainworks Plumbers Get Things Moving – Don’t sacrifice quality, even if you’re short on time! With DrainWorks you can have it all. Fast, professional, and meticulous work is what our Toronto plumbers are known for! We work with you to explain the problem in a way you understand and conscientiously work to make sure the job is done right while taking care to protect your home in the process.

We love sharing the real feedback we receive from our clients with you. In this edition of feature posts we look at two happy clients who were dealing with backed up plumbing – and the timely, efficient, and exceptional service they received.

We contacted DrainWorks after a sewer backup. After an immediate camera scoping and assessment, they were able to start working within 3 days, and the digging, pipe replacement and refill was completed in a single day. Because the digging around a shared pipe had to be done mostly on our neighbour’s property, we appreciated that the crew made a special effort to take apart the concrete steps in a way that allowed them to be replaced almost exactly as they were (which our neighbours were not expecting and were relieved to see). Armando followed up on the work a day later and gave a full camera inspection right out to the city line to show the quality of the work.

Joe in Toronto

We’re so pleased to hear we were able to get the job done while keeping both properties in tip-top shape Joe! It was a big job, and we’re grateful we had the chance to work with you.

Next we look at a stressful situation turned happy occasion – a backed up toilet, on the weekend, with the cause being far worse than originally thought, all a week before Christmas!

Our bathroom started to backup a week before we had guests over for Christmas. From the initial diagnosis of the problem to finishing the job that includes excavating the basement foundation to find the ROOT (almost 2 meters worth of roots) of the problem, it took 2 days (this happen over a weekend too!). Armando walked us through the entire process, explaining everything that he had found and gave us all of the options. In addition, his team made sure to have the rest of my home well protected during the entire process. By the time they left, it did not even look like we had a plumbing problem happened at all. We were very impressed with the service and work performed. Will not hesitate to call if we had problems in the future.

V. in Toronto

Thank you V, we’re so happy we were able to get your running again, just in time for the holiday! We look forward to working with you in the future.

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Drainworks Plumbers Get Things Moving!

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