Why Hydro Jetting Might Be The Best Solution For Your Backed Up Drain Problems.


Why Hydro Jetting Might Be The Best Solution For Your Backed Up Drain


Why Hydro Jetting Might Be The Best Solution For Your Backed Up Drain Problems –

Kitchen sinks are one of the hardest working fixtures in the home. Whether it is regular family dinners, holiday parties or a summer get-together; the kitchen definitely does some overtime. Despite your best efforts, the kitchen sink drain can get clogged with food, heavy sludge and grease that builds up over time.

What does hydro jettting do?

A snaking or rootering can be attempted but it only punches out blockages, which creates a temporary opening in a pipe, whereas a hydro jetting uses a stream of ultra high-pressured water to not only clear the blockage, but also scrub away clean the years of accumulated build up on the inside walls of your pipes.

This hydro jetting technique can be beneficial in certain situations such as finished basements, landscaped yards, and difficult to reach areas, and is especially beneficial when dealing with sludge and globs of grease that has made its way into your main sewer line.

At DrainWorks plumbing, our trained drain technicians will always look at your unique situation and make a thorough determination of whether hydro jetting or snaking is the recommended approach to clearing your backed up drain issue, especially when excavating is not an option.


Why Hydro Jetting Might Be The Best Solution For Your Backed Up Drain - Toronto Plumber


How to prevent kitchen sink build-up?

Although easier said than done, it is wise practice to ensure no waste or grease make its way down your kitchen sink drain and eventually clogging it up, or worse clogging the main sewer line.

One recommended way to keep your drains clean and free flowing is to keep a container handy for oils, fats and grease to hold the unwanted liquids. You can store the closed container in the fridge to stop any unwanted odours. Then when the container is full, you can discard it, and start the process again.

Another trick is to use your compost bin as diligently as possible for all household food scraps, especially coffee grinds, rice or bran. These can act like sand or even expand in water and clump together to cause a total blockage. Using the compost bin will ensure your drains take nothing but water, plus you’re helping the environment!

How long will Hydro Jetting results last?

At DrainWorks Plumbing we perform our hydro jettings with a powerful piece of trailer mounted equipment that we bring right to your home. It has the capabilities to powerfully flush 18 gallons of water per minute at 4000 PSI. That’s quite a scrubbing! Plus every hydro jetting we do coincides with a camera scoping during and after the process to show you the sparkling results, something a snaking alone can’t do.

Depending on how careful you are with what you continue to put down your drains, the results can last for years; but know that every hydro jetting DrainWorks Plumbing performs is backed with a 90-day warranty.

It is good practice to create a schedule for preventative maintenance camera inspection of your drains giving you piece of mind knowing that all is flowing well, before the hassle of back up. Of course hydro jetting is a great maintenance tool as well, so even without a full blockage, it can be utilized to keep things flowing a-okay.

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Since water is the driving force for this procedure, the warm summer months are the perfect time to take advantage of this amazing tool. So until September 23rd, 2019, take advantage of our summer savings coupon and get $100 off a hydro jetting of your main sewer line. Whether you have an issue that needs immediate attention, or you would like to keeps this up to snuff with a maintenance hydro jetting; we can’t wait to hear from you!

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