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Our team of Scarborough plumbers are ready to service your needs. From plumbing repairs and installations to clearing your clogged drains, snaking, water service upgrades and more, we are the plumbers Scarborough relies upon to get the job done right.

We are locally-based and our dispatch is standing by, ready to take your calls and fix your plumbing problems. From Wexford and Agincourt all the way out to Rouge Hill, Malvern and points in between, we’re proud to serve the neighbourhoods you call home.

Our plumbing services in Scarborough include:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Leaky pipes/pipe repairs
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Un-thawing frozen pipes
  • Fixing plumbing fixtures
  • Drain excavation, waterproofing, drain line repair and replacement
  • And many more! Check out our full list of plumbing and drain cleaning services in Toronto.

Contact Our Scarborough Plumbers

Need service to your Scarborough home or unit fast? Our dispatch is standing by. Call us in Scarborough at 416-439-1400, or on our main Toronto plumbing dispatch at 416-486-0000.

Praise for our services

Over the years, we’ve received some nice accolades for our commitment to fast, friendly service throughout the GTA. To give you an idea:

  • Twice, Toronto Life Magazine has named us Best Plumber in the City!
  • DrainWorks is Baeumler Approved.
  • We’re currently rated 9.6 out of 10 on the popular home services website,
  • We are a 13-time recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Award in Toronto!

Need a little more proof of our value before you give us a shout? Check out some reviews from below, from our real customers in your neighbourhood.

I was very impressed with the high quality of professional service provided by the representative of Drainworks. Lou arrived on time. He was courteous and respectful throughout the entire visit. He explained the plumbing problem to me in terms that I could understand, and he stated clearly what work was necessary to correct the problem – and the costs involved. I would not hesitate to call upon Drainworks in the future, and would recommend their services to my family and friends.

After several visits from referred plumbers I called Drainworks as they had done minor work for me in the past. In 20 minutes Armando and his team had identified the sewer fly and drainage issue. Work was completed in a few days. Armando had provided images of the work at every stage. There are no more sewer flies and drains are working properly. Armando and his team were great and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!

Armando and his team including Adrian and Eugene were extremely professional and respectful. They not only showed us all the problems with our drain using a camera inspection, but explained every issue and gave us several options regarding the work and ways to complete it. Armando gave us an option which prevented us having to tear up a floor in our newly completed rec room in the basement, saving us money and inconvenience. Tarps were laid down and every care was taken not to make a mess or leave foot tracks through our house. They always arrived on time and even early, and Armando had extra crew on a Saturday to complete the job as quickly as possible. The crew even took care when digging a hole at the front of my house to keep the plants from the garden, even though I had said it was okay to get rid of them. A final inspection was also timely and efficient, and demonstrated what an overall great job had been done. I would highly recommend Drainworks to anyone needing this type of service, you will not be disappointed.
Thanks to Armando, Adrian, Eugene and the rest of the crew.

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