How to Choose a Trusted Plumber in Toronto

How to Choose a Trusted Plumber in Toronto – When you’re looking for a plumber in Toronto, something’s gone wrong and you need to find a company you can trust to fix it, fast. You don’t have the time to research for hours, so this article will help you discover the most important qualities you need to find the best plumber in Toronto, so you can contact a company who has them all, will fix your problem and offer you peace of mind as they work in your home and around your family.

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5 Qualities Your Toronto Plumber Must Have

1. Good Reviews and Testimonials

You can learn a lot by reading a company’s reviews and testimonials, both on their own website and on independent review sites. It’s always reassuring to read the words of happy customers, but we suggest trying to find someone who had a similar situation to your own who can give feedback on the company, and their experience with them. To find reliable and trustworthy plumbers in Toronto, HomeStars is a great independent website where customers can leave honest reviews of their experiences. You can read Drainworks’ HomeStars plumber reviews here. Our testimonials at the bottom of our home page or read our plumber reviews on Google . Don’t put yourself at risk by choosing a plumber who has no independent reviews available.

You can also ask your neighbours, friends and colleagues for their experiences and recommendations. Also, look for local awards they may have won. Drainworks is proud to be rated the best plumber in Toronto, and we’ve won the Consumer Choice Award for drain service for over thirteen years.


2. Look for Accreditations, Certifications, Insurance and Licenses

Never choose a plumber who isn’t upfront about their license number or is reluctant/unwilling to tell you about their professional certifications and what insurance they hold. If they aren’t forthcoming with this information immediately, walk away. There are plenty of legitimate plumbers who are more than happy to show you their credentials. We supply our license number at the bottom of every webpage at Drainworks page. We’re licensed, insured. Plus, every single DrainWorks plumber is professionally trained and must pass a background check.

Every plumber in Toronto you interview should have insurance. You need to feel assured that, should anything unexpected happen as a result of their negligence, damages to your home will be covered.


3. Beware Of Commission-Based Plumbers

Many plumbing companies make much of their profit from commission on work and products/services they try to up-sell you on. The last thing you need when you invite someone into your home to help fix a plumbing issue is to find yourself the unwelcome recipient of a sales pitch. For this reason, all our plumbers are salaried, and don’t need to sell you anything to make more money. When you invite them into your home you can be sure that they are there to get the job done right and not sell you on products/services you don’t need.


4. Are They Transparent About Rates?

The cost of a quote can often be a deciding factor, and when something’s gone wrong unexpectedly, the last thing you need is also to be worrying about how much the work is going to cost after completion. We offer all our customers clear, written quotes, with no hidden fees or unwelcome surprises, and no call-out fees. Ensure your plumber is willing to offer you a quote in writing and tell you the cost of any call out fees, if they have them.


5. There’s No Substitute for Experience

It’s simply a fact that the more time a plumber in Toronto has under their tool-belt the better they’ll be at the job. When you speak to a plumber to attain your quote, they should be relatively certain that they have correctly diagnosed the problem. If they seem unsure or are unwilling to give you a quote until after they’ve begun work, move on to a plumber who has more experience. Over 95% of the Drainworks staff has been with us for over ten years, so you can be sure our staff has plenty of experience before arriving on your doorstep.


Conclusion: How to Choose a Trusted Plumber in Toronto

If you find a plumber in Toronto with all the qualities above, you’ll increase your chances of having your problem fixed quickly and efficiently. If you’re in need of a plumber in Toronto, who is highly rated and completely trustworthy, don’t hesitate to DrainWorks Plumbing.


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How to Choose a Trusted Plumber in Toronto