Basement Cracks Repairs & Waterproofing Service

If you have water coming into your home and need basement crack repairs in Toronto, rely on the expertise of DrainWorks to seal things up. Internally and/or externally, cracks are repaired using a series of plugs, drains and rubbers and waterproofing materials. A full inspection is required to determine the best course of action. Trust in the experience of our highly-qualified team to get the job done right: on-time and on-budget, so you can get on with your day!

Why Cracks Occur

Basement cracks are generally caused from curing or settlement/ shifting of the foundation. Over time, cracks can and will develop. This allows water to enter the home, through cracks in the walls, floors, or even around pipes. Generally, it’s best to address these issues promptly when they occur or become noticeable to you as the homeowner; they will usually only worsen and cause bigger problems over time.

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How DrainWorks Helps

After booking your appointment, a DrainWorks technician will arrive on-time at your home and examine the issue. They will walk you through your options (some situations may require a more extensive approach to waterproofing), and lay them out to you in a clear manner, providing you with a detailed quote before any work commences. Don’t leave anything in your home to chance; make sure your basement crack issue is dealt with correctly by the professionals at DrainWorks!

Basement Crack Repair Customer Feedback

“We had a slow leak in my basement and the guys on the job did a great job of zeroing in on the problem, fixing and then cleaning up. I can’t say enough about the job they did. We were very impressed throughout the process, and then very relieved when we saw how tidy they left the area. -Todd Clarck in Toronto
“One night after a huge downpour recently, our basement was partially wet with water. After just one call to Drainworks the morning after, they immediately sent 2 servicemen namely Steve and Dan to the house to diagnose the cause. They checked thoroughly every angle of the problem and gave us honest opinion. I am truly satisfied with the detailed and clean work that they did. Thanks Steve and Dan! Job well done.” -Johnny in North York

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