Basement Waterproofing (External)

For basement waterproofing in Toronto, rely on the experts at DrainWorks to get the job done on-time, on-budget, and correctly – so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Our team of basement waterproofing professionals has the knowledge, experience, and attention to customer care that’s required to remediate foundation issues, and leave your property in the same shape we found it in.

Wet Basements: A Telltale Sign of Foundation Issues

If you notice water entering your basement from the exterior of your home there’s a good chance that your house’s foundation is causing a problem. It’s important to at least have the situation looked at and assessed at the first signs of trouble. Left unattended, foundation issues can cause a whole host of issues that can be problematic for the structural integrity of your home, or even your health (if mold starts to develop.)

How DrainWorks Helps

A DrainWorks technician will visit your home and do a full assessment of your situation. They’ll walk you through your options, which may include external basement waterproofing, internal basement waterproofing or crack repair. After an assessment, you’ll be presented with a detailed quote before proceeding with any work to be done.

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Our External Basement Waterproofing Process, in Photos:


Home to be waterproofed

Protecting property
during a commencement of waterproofing process

One of many cracks to foundation walls allowing water seepage into basement

Repaired cracks using flexible compound

Keeping your weeping tile protected from future silt infiltration using a filter cloth

Applied Environmentally friendly Aqua-bloc® rubberized waterproof coating to cleaned and prepared foundation wall and provided 3/4″ clear stone 6″ in depth over-top weeping tile.

Installed Hydro Guard air gapped drainage layer as a second measure to protect foundation wall

AFTER: Property put back to a finished state including 2 grade level weeping tile access points


Basement Waterproofing Customer Reviews:

“After many years of water leaking into the basement we hired DrainWorks to dug up by hand 40 Ft around the house. The crew was fast, hardworking, organized, polite and respectful of my property and the neighbour. They were here when they said they would and where done when they said they would be. Drain Works®then sent out a technician to follow-up. Great crew and service!” – Dorothy in Scarborough

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External Basement Waterproofing in Toronto – Click to Inquire