Internal Basement Waterproofing

Some situations can’t be resolved using external drain excavation. As a result DrainWorks®uses an internal water control system that features an air-gap drainage membrane which directs the flow of water to a network of drainage pipes installed below the basement floor.

“The team at Drainworks have always been a pleasure to work with. We had used them several times in the past for small jobs and they were always prompt, helpful and reliable. Most recently, we called them in to waterproof our basement after a flood. What initially appeared to be a straightforward job ended up becoming very complicated due to some structural issues unrelated to Drainworks that we uncovered when they started digging. Frank, their project manager, was a patient and very helpful resource through the entire process, helping us weigh the pros-and-cons of their continued work and assisting us in making informed decision about our project. Once our go-forward plan was determined, the Drainworks team worked very diligently to complete the work and get us back on schedule. I am happy to recommend Frank and his team and would certainly call Drainworks again in the future.”

BL in Toronto