Customer Review: Drain Cameras, Snakes & Replacements

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Below is a review from that showcases a plumbing customer review of ours for the replacement, camera inspection, and snaking of a drain pipe.

“Had a recurring floor drain backup problem so we called Drainworks to do a camera investigation. J-P was very helpful on the phone and scheduled Matt to come who was very professional and gave us some repair options. We chose to replace a section of cast iron pipe in the basement floor and again J-P was very helpful getting the excavation team out in a couple of days when it was the most convenient for us. Lou came out for the excavation setup and the crew got to work. They covered stairs/carpet with tarps to keep the mess to a minimum, were very neat with the broken up concrete. They finished with new concrete which was well finished.

J-P scheduled a follow-up with Matt for the next day and he showed up as promised to do a camera inspection of the new drain pipe section and a snake of the section that was not accessible before. After snaking a final camera showed that we finally had removed the obstruction causing the recurring problem. Not the cheapest repair, but everyone we dealt with was courteous, professional and helpful finding a way to resolve our drain problem.”

Thanks to Peter from Guelph for the great review. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, whether compliments or constructive criticism. We are glad he valued our service and quality work.

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