6 Ways to Save Money on Plumbing & Water Costs in Toronto

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Owning a home is the largest investment that many of us will make in our lives, and the costs associated with plumbing and water usage can add up quickly – particularly when something goes wrong. Here are some ideas on how you can be proactive to reduce your water bill in the short term, and […]

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Get Ready for Spring Plumbing Tips

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Even though there’s a storm up north dumping 2 feet of snow in Nova Scotia, and here in Ontario we still see plenty of snow on the ground, underneath it all there are signs that spring is on its way. So we thought we’d put together a handy spring checklist for you to follow to […]

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The Future of Plumbing

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Water conservation is important. Conserving water is not only important for the planet, but it’s great for your pocket.  On average, Canadians use over 300 liters of water per person, per day. Compare this to consumption in the UK of 200 liters per day, and 150 liters per person per day in France. The challenge […]

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8 Ways to Conserve Water at Home

January 24th, 2014 · No Comments · by

Did you know that the majority of your water usage occurs in the bathroom? In Toronto, plumbing can add up to a lot. It’s not surprising when you think about all the activities that take place in your bathroom: using the sink, bath, shower and flushing the toilet. In fact, the toilet alone can account […]

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Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips for at Home

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Saving on water (and energy) is important, and is something we’re passionate about promoting. Oftentimes just updating some of your equipment around the home can save you a trip from plumbers in Toronto, or fixing a problem can result in saving a lot of water and energy – which is good for us and the […]

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Home Plumbing Tips for a Worry-Free Summer

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Summer is the time to enjoy yourself and spend time outside with friends and family – not the time to be worrying about a home plumbing problem. Here are some simple tips that could avoid you a call to your local plumber. Yet, even with proper precautions, problems do unfortunately happen. If you find yourself in […]

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Tips for a Clean & Green Bathroom

June 6th, 2013 · No Comments · by

Especially in the plumbing industry, chemical products are used quite often. Here at DrainWorks, all of our Toronto plumbing staff  likes to make what efforts we can to be conscious of the environment and especially in our business – water. That’s why we wrote a previous blog post on Tips for Conserving Water at Home. […]

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