Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes?

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If you live in, or have walked through one of Toronto’s lovely old neighbourhoods, like East York, North Toronto or High Park, you know that the old trees that line the residential streets can provide a beautiful canopy of shade during the warmer months. Unfortunately, beneath the surface, those trees’ roots can cause major issues […]

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What People Are Saying About DrainWorks Plumbing!

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Here are a few more pieces of feedback from our customers throughout the GTA on our plumbers in Toronto. Plumbing Customer Review by Tom Atkinson in Toronto: We wanted to check for tree roots in the external drain. The drain itself was fine, discovered on scoping it via fibre optics. The house is of an […]

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Drain Clogged with Tree Roots – Customer Review

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Plumbing Customer Review by Laura Heyes in Toronto Our basement flooded during a storm one afternoon and we needed it fixed quickly. Drainworks came on the same day. The diagnosis was that the drain was clogged with something. We appreciated that the plumber was able to tell us where (approximately) the clog was and offered […]

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Bettering Your Understanding is Part of the Service !

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Our floor drain in the basement backed up; upon inspection by another company it was determined the problem was caused by tree roots. We contacted Drainworks for a second opinion as we felt very pressured by the other company. They got back to us immediately. Their plumbers were very thorough and honest, and we also […]

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“A Backup That No Store-Bought Chemical Could Even Begin to Fix”

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Another review of your most trusted Toronto plumber, this one from HomeStars: “The Drainworks team was here today to dig up approx 4-5′ of my basement floor in order to replace an old ceramic pipe where roots had managed to push at the connection between it and the PVC piping. As as result, and over […]

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Customer Review: Drain Plugged with Tree Roots

September 15th, 2011 · No Comments · by

This review is for repairs I had done in February 2011. The toilet in my basement bathroom had gradually become temperamental over the years. Eventually, it would just overflow when flushed. I had DrainWorks come in to have a look. The camera scope showed that it was completely plugged by the tree roots and that […]

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