For Basement Plumbing Issues – We’re the Plumber Toronto Relies On!

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A plumbing problem in the basement can be a real drag. Luckily, at DrainWorks, we have 20+ years of  experience as the plumber Toronto relies upon. In our latest featured reviews, we’ll take a look at problems originating or discovered in basements throughout the GTA. Remember, these are real reviews from real customers, pulled from […]

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Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Toronto (and How to Prevent Them)

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With the heat we’ve experienced lately, it’s safe to say we’ve entered the dog days of summer. With that comes its own set of plumbing issues that become more common when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. Here are some things to keep in mind for your plumbing and water usage during […]

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Featured Reviews: Fixing Your Drains Throughout Toronto

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A malfunctioning drain can be a real drag. Whether it’s a straightforward clog caused by a buildup of food, hair, or other junk, or a more serious issue in the pipes, drain issues can prove to be a hassle for homeowners. That’s why, at DrainWorks, we strive to make the situations as pleasant as possible. […]

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Drain Excavation and Pipe Replacement: A Permanent Fix for Problem Pipes

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There comes a time in the life of a plumbing pipe when it’s simply too far gone. Sometimes, when drains pipes are broken or unable to be cleared, they just have to be replaced. The causes of this can vary, but sometimes include: Frozen pipes; The age of the pipe: old clay pipes are particularly […]

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Featured Reviews: All About Drain Cleaning

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At DrainWorks, we provide a full range of Toronto Plumbing Services. But one of the most common requests from our customers is for drain cleaning. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of our customer’s kind words about our drain cleaning services. These reviews are from the website, where our company has […]

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How Hydro Jetting Works

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One of the many services that DrainWorks offers is what’s known as hydro jetting. Think of it as a power washer for your plumbing system. Functionally, hydro jetting follows a similar concept as traditional rootering, except it uses a stream of ultra high-pressure water to clear the drain, rather than a physical drain snake. This […]

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Do I Have Tree Roots Growing in My Pipes?

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If you live in, or have walked through one of Toronto’s lovely old neighbourhoods, like East York, North Toronto or High Park, you know that the old trees that line the residential streets can provide a beautiful canopy of shade during the warmer months. Unfortunately, beneath the surface, those trees’ roots can cause major issues […]

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End of Summer Plumbing Tips for Toronto Homeowners

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Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and with it comes the time for seasonal chores! (Sorry to remind you..) We put together a quick list of some Toronto plumbing-related tips you might want to look into now that summer is over and fall has begun. End of Summer Plumbing Tips Get your sewer lines […]

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Featured Reviews: Drain Clog, Clearing & Replacement

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We at DrainWorks are a “customer-first” company. So naturally, reviews mean the world to us. Here are a couple of our most recent customer reviews that we would like to share with you from   Replacing Clay Drain Pipes in Toronto Our pipes backed-up and the Drainworks Toronto plumbers were quick to diagnose the problem […]

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Your “Go-To Plumber in Toronto” – Drain Camera Exposes Tree Roots

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Below you will find a nice review by a recent customer of ours named Raj Sohi from Toronto Ontario: “We had Drainworks repair the cracked clay pipe under the house and driveway and replace all the plumbing under four sinks. Armando advised us about the extent of work on the drains that really needed to […]

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