Drain Camera Inspection


A video camera inspection is one of the most useful tools in a plumber’s arsenal. If there’s an issue with your drains or your plumbing that isn’t clear on the surface, a camera inspection can provide the intelligence needed to fix it.




Camera Inspections are an excellent way to detect a variety of obstructions or potential impediments to the proper flow of drainage, including:

  • roots
  • broken tiles
  • bad mortar connections
  • inline traps
  • negative grade sloping
  • pipe sagging
  • offset joints
  • pipe cracks
  • sludge buildup
  • and more.

Whether the issue lies just out of sight or deep down in the drain pipes below your home, a video camera inspection can be the most efficient way to identify the problem. Trust in the experts at DrainWorks plumbing to carry out the camera inspection with the skills and professionalism required of the technology.

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Camera Inspections as a Preventative Tool

The camera is also a proactive way to check out the drains in any home. Whether you own a newly purchased home, an older home or simply plan to renovate your basement, your drains are too important to overlook. A small amount of time and small investment can save you a large amount of time in cleanup, money and headaches. A video sewer camera inspection carried out by your trusted Toronto Plumbers lets you see for yourself exactly what your drains look like.

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Video Camera Inspection Customer Feedback

“We had a water backup from the basement floor drain, which was our own waste water. I wanted to know if the blockage was on our property or on the city side of the sewer line, so I phoned DrainWorks for a camera inspection. We had a good experience with the company a few years ago when they replaced the outside trap on our line.
The DrainWorks serviceman arrived quite soon after our call in the morning. The inspection quickly showed the drain on our property was clear, but there was a large tree root growing in the city line going out to the street. At the same time, the camera probe dislodged some material causing the immediate blockage, and our drain quickly emptied.
I later phoned the Toronto water department to have the root blockage cleared out, which was done the next morning. The line had been more than half blocked.
As I already had the camera inspection from DrainWorks, I could convince the city that the blockage was on its side of the line, I had a quicker response than on other occasions.
I have not had a lot of need for plumbers, but next time I do, I will most certainly call on DrainWorks again.” – Pat & John in Davisville
 “We discovered a plugged exterior drainage line running down the side of our house under the driveway. After being unable to resolve the problem ourselves, we called DrainWorks. The telephone response was polite, informative and professional. Within 90 minutes (on a Sunday no less) a technician arrived, explained the procedure and promptly cleared the line. At his suggestion, we agreed to check the drainage pipe with a fibre optic camera. This was well worth the additional expense as we acquired important new information about this particular drainage set up. The technician, Matt, was very efficient and effective and we were very pleased with what he achieved. We highly recommend DrainWorks and will use this company again should the need arise.” -Gillian Wadman in Toronto
 “Tuesday morning sewer backup in basement bathroom. After a call to DrainWorks Mike D. arrived within 45 minutes. With camera scope found tiles blocked by tree root. Next morning, Mike oversaw two men remove floor tiles and concrete floor, repair problem after second camera scope, replace concrete, toilet next day, City inspector arrived and checked root, all by Thursday morning. Hurrah!! Efficient, courteous and professional.” -Woollacott in Toronto

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