City of Toronto Drain Grants, Subsidies and Rebates

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy

This subsidy program can help you lower your home’s flooding risk. In consultation with a DrainWorks®  technician – licensed by the City of Toronto – homeowners may determine that a back- water valve on the sanitary sewage and/ or stormwater connection would provide sufficient basement flooding protection. Available subsidy = 80% of the invoiced cost up to a maximum of $1,250 including eligible labour, materials, permit and taxes. Please call 416-233-5148 ext. #3 for your assessment.

Toilet Rebates for Vaughan and Peel Regions:

The toilets that DrainWorks offers are City selected toilets eligible for a rebate of either $60 or $75 (for Vaughan and Peel Regions only). Please call 416-233-3281 ext. #3 for your assessment.

Other Grants and Rebates:

As subsidies and grants offered by your City are constantly changing, please call 416-233-6699 for updated information or with any questions.
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