Sewer / Drain Backup Repair

Most homeowners in Toronto, GTA and beyond have, at some point or another, had to deal with a drain backup or sewer backup. We all know how unpleasant a situation this can be, whether the backup be a sink, a toilet, a tub, or the basement’s main floor drain.

A sewer backup in the basement is the worst case scenario, which can bring up substantial and dangerous bacteria which are not always easily cleaned. We understand the importance and priority in taking care of such a situation so we are always here for when you need us. We are quick on the scene with the latest technology for unplugging the drain and cleaning up the area so it is safe once again.
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What Causes Drain Backups?

Drain backups can potentially be caused by a number of different issues or behaviors. Regular maintenance and proper drain use is your best bet for prevention; but if you have a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, the cause could possibly be some of the following:

  • Broken pipes: If you own an older home in Toronto or the GTA, the issue could be with your pipes themselves.
  • Improper disposal of items: Items such as napkins, facial tissue (“Kleenex”) or even baby wipes that claim to be “flushable” can wreak havoc on your drain system.
  • Buildup: Over time, things like hair going down your bathroom drain can build up and cause a clog. The same goes for pouring grease, oils and fats down your kitchen drain.
  • Tree Roots in Drain: Roots find their way into the sewer line through a crack, and once there, flourish in that environment.

How DrainWorks Helps

DrainWorks’ team of drain cleaning specialists will first identify the issue. For deeper-lying problems, a video camera inspection can be the quickest way to do so. As your technician discovers the root of the issue, they keep you posted every step of the way, and then recommend the most effective solution for addressing the issue.

So if you have experienced any of the problems similar to those above with a drain line in or below your home, we will be happy to send in one of our professional, fully-certified and full-salaried (non-commission-based) technicians to look after the job for you. Trust DrainWorks to fix it for you.

When you choose DrainWorks Plumbing, you get the Best Plumber in Toronto as rated by Toronto Life Magazine.


Drain/Sewer Backup Customer Feedback:

“We live in an old Toronto house and have had issues with our drain over the years. DrainWorks is part of my plan to keep the drain in perfect working order without going through an unnecessary and
stressful and potentially much more expensive sewer backup. Scheduling and completion of the service were flawless.  Thank you.” – Murray in Toronto
 “Called at 8:00 am to deal with flooding from blocked drains and Armando arrived by 10:00. He was polite and professional. He told me what was wrong and gave me the options. He snaked the drain and fixed the problem in no time. Then he snaked a bathtub drain at a reduced cost while he was there. He cleaned everything up, wrote a detailed invoice for the exact amount he had promised and was gone. As far as drain experiences go, it could not have been easier. I feel I got my money’s worth and didn’t have any grief. Thanks Armando! ” – Will O’Hara in Toronto
“Our basement bathroom started leaking so we figured it was a sewer back up. I called DrainWorks due to the great reviews on HomeStars and was not disappointed! My technician Lou was prompt (wow) and courteous. He took the time to explain what was happening and what needed to be done. Great service.” – Danetin in Toronto

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