Drain Cleaning Using a Drain Snake Rooter

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drain snake rooter

Also referred to as a ‘plumbing snake’ or ‘drain auger’, an electric drain snake is a used to clear and clean clogged drains. The device features a long, flexible metal cable that can have various metal bits attached to the end of it.

The snake is led down a drain until the spinning head reaches a clog or blockage, at which point, it is cleared. There are various types of drain snake machines out there, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Our plumbers use top-of-the-line snake equipment to assure we can clear any clog you may have. Our technicians are very well trained as well with this tool.

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Sunday Service: A Quick & Honest Drain Repair

“Our main house drain was backed up and starting to flood the basement. DrainWorks came by in about an hour on a Sunday afternoon, the technician was professional and explored all the options to resolve the issue, and was open with the pricing on all options. In the end we just needed to get snaked and we have roots in the outside pipe. They were quick, careful with the carpets, and made certain we were satisfied and all the drains were working. Quick, effective, and hones work, all I was looking for.” Ryan in Toronto

The DrainWorks® plumbing company owns and uses large motor-powered augers that use various sized cables.. Due to the nature of these electrical machines, occasionally when there is a basement flood from a clogged drain, it means the machine has to be operated in water. This of courses poses a hazard, however, our drain cleaner technicians are well trained and competent to handle such an issue. In fact, for any clogs to a main drain, we have larger diameter and longer cables that we use. If you have a significant blockage, such as from tree roots, you can rely on our commercial-grade drain snakes to take care of the problem – whereas any smaller, home-use drain snakes would not be able to handle it.

Clogged Basement Drain Requires Drain Snake:

“DrainWorks resolved our flood issues quickly and professionally. Our newly renovated basement had just flooded. DrainWorks responded quickly to our call, diagnosed our problem using a camera which snaked through our drainage system. They fixed the front and back drains using a drain snake. Their crews were courteous and professional. Before the project started they explained everything and made sure we were comfortable. I would recommend them to everyone.”Andrew in Toronto

Snaking bathtub drain:

Due to the nature of this type of work, the situation can understandably get pretty messy. Snaking out your drain can be a health hazard if not done correctly, so it really is best left to well-trained professionals. Our technicians come completely equipped and ready to protect your home from mess or sanitation risk. We bring all the drop sheets, cloths, and cleaning materials needed to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your home. We treat every homeowner and their property with the same respect and cleanliness we would expect in our own homes. In fact, our plumbers even wear little booties over their boots!