Trenchless No Dig Technology for Drain Pipe Replacing

We can fix your drain pipes without having to trench dig your property


Our “No-Dig” Technology has proven to be such a permanent solution; you can now fix your drain pipes without having to trench dig your property. In some situations, a “no-dig” repair is the preferred approach to pipe repair or replacement in order to minimize disruption to the property.
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When Trenchless No-Dig Repair Might Be Right for You

Our trenchless no dig technology is useful in certain situations like the following:

  • Pipes running under landscaping/gardens
  • Highly finished basements
  • Areas with large or structured items in the dig area

Digging or Not, We Keep Your Property in Great Condition

Regardless of the approach that DrainWorks takes in carrying out a pipe repair, we make sure that your property is left in pristine condition, and provide lifetime warranties on underground drainage repairs.

If for some reason, however, “No-Dig” Technology cannot be used on your property, there are of course other options available. In some circumstances, we can make use of hydro-jetting, which is an unobtrusive technology.

Other times, we will undertake traditional drain excavations that employ surgical precision.

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