Why choose DrainWorks’ Plumbers?

Because You Deserve the Best Plumbing Service – and That’s Exactly What We Deliver.

You deserve excellent plumbing service.

You deserve not to have your time wasted.

DrainWorks plumbers are a winner of 13 consecutive Consumer Choice Awards for Drain Excellence. We were also selected as the “Best Plumber” by Toronto Life’s Best of the City issue.

If you call DrainWorks®, you won’t wait half a day for your service appointment to arrive. We arrive as booked and never waste a moment of your time

You deserve the most powerful guarantee.

You deserve to count on the quote you’ve been given.

Our work is backed up by the most powerful sewer & drain cleaning guarantee in the business. “We will clear it, or you don’t pay!®

We provide “exact to-the-penny”® up front pricing IN WRITING for all plumbing and underground drainage repairs. There is nothing approximate or vague about a DrainWorks® quote. No surprises, no verbal quotes, no hidden costs! ‘As it was written’..

You deserve great plumbing work with great prices.

You deserve to trust the plumbers you hire.

We will beat any comparable written drain/plumbing quote by 10% of the difference – and we’ve put that promise in writing. So why choose anyone else?

We clearly advertise our location, including our street address and contact information so that you can easily reach us with any questions you may have. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on underground drainage repair and a 1-year Warranty on above ground plumbing repairs.

You deserve to hire a plumber who gets paid to solve problems, not to sell more services.

You deserve to deal with a plumbing company that gives back to the community.

We use full-time salaried technicians, not temporary, commission-driven staff. We get paid to solve problems; they get paid to sell more services. Which do you think sounds like a better deal?

DrainWorks® actively supports our communities by engaging in charitable functions and actually donating thousands of dollars to charitable groups like the Sick Kids Foundation and Easter Seals.

You deserve a reliable plumbing & drains company with over 19 years in the business.

DrainWorks® have been in business for over 19 years with the same address and phone numbers. We are an award winning company that cares about treating customers ethically and about supporting the Toronto communities in which we live and work. With our full time salaried staff, “exact to-the-penny”® up front pricing IN WRITING, multiple guarantees and emergency response service, we are your #1 choice for any plumbing and drain issues.