Backwater / Checkwater Valve Grants from City of Toronto

The Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

The City of Toronto is offering a financial subsidy of up to $3,400 to homeowners of single-family residential homes for the installation of flood protection devices (backwater valves and sump pumps) through the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program.


backwater-valveBackwater Valve Installation:

Toronto Backwater Valve

A DrainWorks plumber can install an approved backwater valve or sump pump covered by the program. The backwater valve is installed on your sanitary and/or sewer line to prevent water from backing up into your basement.

Backwater valves should always be installed by a professional, licensed plumber and should be regularly inspected and maintained.

What is a Backwater Valve?

When there’s substantial precipitation coming down in Toronto, the city’s sewer lines can get overburdened. When this happens, and the pipes are taking in more water than they can handle, the end result, unfortunately, can be water backing up into homes.

One potential method to prevent this water backup is through the use of a backwater valve. The valve is installed on your sanitary and/or storm line in order to prevent water from “back flowing” into your home.

Alert! Backwater valves are designed to close the sewer line and prevent water from backing up into your home. When the valve is closed, you should not use any plumbing fixtures, such as the toilet, sink, laundry, etc. because water will not drain into the sewer system and will backup into the home.

How it Works:

This type of backwater valve features a normally open gate design which makes the continual flow of water possible.

The valve allows the free-flow of air through it, yet at the same time in the event of a sewer backup, the gate floats into the closed position and prevents liquid from backflowing into the home.


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Backwater Valve Installation Reviews

10-starThe previous contractor we hired to install the backwater valve botched the job and left us for the whole weekend with no sewer services. I called Drainworks on Sunday afternoon. Armando from Drainworks called me back within the hour and showed up on Monday morning. Within half an hour, he got the sewer pipes flowing again. Along with the backwater valve installation, we decide to also replace pipes outside where some tree roots start getting inside as well,as some clay pipes inside. The job was done professionally with minimum disruption. Armando and his crew are top notch and I would fully recommend Drainworks to anyone. Do not forget to use the coupon readily available on their web page.

– Tuan, Toronto

10-starDrainworks replaced the water supply line from the city connection to our water meter. Later they needed to come and replace the sewer drain from just inside the house to the city line. At the same time they added a backwater valve to prevent the city sewer from backing up into our house. They acquired the necessary permits and made the arrangements for the City inspections. The Drainworks staff were professional in every way and provided great service at a fair price. We checked a few other contractors and all their prices were higher.

They were great at explaining what he was going to do and why. They responded to our plugged drain within minutes. They started and finished the work when they said they would. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a plumber.

-Sarah, Hamilton

10-starArmando is the man! I got a Backwater valve installed, I just moved in my new place and they accommodated my schedule for the install no problem. He explained step by step what was going to get done, the inspection process and how to get the rebate from the city. Everyone involved from start to finish were professionals. When the job was done, they came back and inspected the work to make sure it was done right, no one does that anymore.
Don’t think twice. Call up Drainworks and get the valve put in; with the rebate from the city and the great price they’ll give you, you’ll be glad [next flood] that you did.

– Joe G., Toronto

10-starDrainworks were courteous, accurate and did great work. Armando was always looking to do the best possible work while at the same time looking for ways to reduce the overall cost. Excellent care and attention on his part. They left the place spotless. I would not hesitate to recommend them for such a job in the future to anyone.

– Lyndon

10-starI am a repeat customer, so this is good in itself! On this job, I was particularly impressed by:
– the friendliness and communication skills of Frank Casciaro who answered all my questions. He is the best!
– the very pleasant, hard working, thorough and respectful crews
– the care they took to preserve the outside garden and lawn
– their leaving the site exactly as they found it … including carting away the debris
– the fact that the job was completed within a week of my initial enquiry
– a great web site.
Full marks on this company. You can not go wrong!

– D.W., North York.

Other Grants and Rebates:

As subsidies and grants offered by Toronto or your respective city in Ontario are constantly changing, please call 416-486-0000 for updated information regarding these programs.