Why Choose DrainWorks’ Plumbers?

The best thing you can do when having a plumbing problem is to select a good, reliable plumbing service company. There are too many ‘fly-by-nighters’, ‘handymen’, and ‘mr.-fix-its’ out there who call themselves full-fledged companies, yet are in reality not quite that. We all know what can happen when you choose an unreliable or unknown company for something – they become unaccountable for their work, leaving you in the dark when the problem they were supposed to fix worsens.

It is our mission to never let this happen to you. And so we have outlined some good questions you should ask to identify a good and reliable plumbing company.

You need to make sure that the plumber and the company they work for are fully licensed and insured.

This is extremely important. For a true plumbing company, being licensed should be a given right off the bat. Beyond that, insurance is an added comfort for you and the plumber, protecting everyone in case of an accident – because accidents can happen.

If something were to happen to your home (knock on wood it doesn’t), but let’s say it did because of a plumbing job you had done by a non-professional while trying to save a few dollars, an insurance claim wouldn’t stand a chance. Using a fully insured plumbing company ensures that if something does happen to you or your home, you’re covered. Overall, protection of your home outweighs a few extra dollars for a qualified, licensed and insured plumbers.

So how can you know? If the company you are considering does not clearly make this information available, then that is probably a sign that they might not be licensed and insured.

Here is how DrainWorks meets, or rather exceeds, the standard:

  • DrainWorks plumbing license is P15815.
  • Each plumber we employ holds a current and valid Certificate of Qualification (License) in addition to several years or more experience beyond the minimum requirements for their certificate, including manufacture oriented and industry specific training. No under qualified apprentices or non-licensed handymen on our team.
  • Every DrainWorks® plumber has undergone a thorough reference and character check, including a criminal background check before they ever put on one of our uniforms.

Verify the longevity of the plumbing company – under their current name

We’ve seen it many times before, where Toronto plumbing companies change their name time after time – either to rid themselves of a previously negative reputation or to piggyback on the reputation of a truly reputable company.

Yet, of course in business companies come and go, but wouldn’t you like to work with a plumbing company who you know is going to be around for a while?

  • DrainWorks has been in business for over 19 years in Toronto and the surrounding area, and we have always, and always will, firmly believe in supporting our local community.
  • If that’s not enough, DrainWorks plumbers have won the Consumer’s Choice Award for Drain Excellence in Toronto for 13 years!
  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all the work our plumbers do. In the unlikely circumstance that a plumbing repair doesn’t hold up within the first year of it being done, we will repair it for absolutely free. We’ll be sure to know about it too, because we keep track of all the work that we do and always follow up to ensure everything is ‘flowing smoothly’ and is to your satisfaction. We also store our archives of jobs done so we can refer to them in the future – making it more effective when we diagnose your plumbing or drain problems.
  • Yet our guarantees don’t end there – we also have a lifetime guarantee for underground drain repair. Most plumbing companies will just offer 10 or 20. Yet wouldn’t it be a relief to never have to worry about drains ever again?

Make sure the quote you receive is final, and won’t be changed or ‘adjusted’ after the job is done

Unfortunately, this can and does happen, but here at DrainWorks we offer you Exact-to-the-Penny pricing before we start any job. So you know exactly what you are paying for, with no unpleasant surprises at the end. That’s also the beauty of working with a commission-free plumber!

  • We listen attentively to your explanation of the problem, and present you with all the possible plumbing solutions in writing – on an official company stationary. We speak to you professionally, no matter how much you know or don’t know about plumbing and drains. The job always turns out better when you fully understands each solution and you can make an informed decision and not be influenced to choose the one that costs the most.
  • And just as an added bonus, after we complete a plumbing repair at your home, we will offer you a complimentary plumbing inspection of the rest of your home for free. That’s a $150 value, but if you want it, we’re more than happy to do it for you. Hey, why not get everything checked out right then and there while the plumbers are at your home? It could save you from a brewing problem in the future.

A Few More Words About the DrainWorks Advantage


  • We arrive on time with all the supplies we need to complete any job. In fact, we drive what we call ‘mobile warehouse (that’s our truck), that is fully-stocked with all sorts of tools and plumbing equipment so we never have to ‘run out for a second’ to get anything.
  • We don’t waste time. Our plumber will get to work quickly, doing the job right the first time.
  • And as we are so well known for, we always leave your home spotless and clean. Our plumbers even wear little slippers over their shoes while in your home!

We are that reputable, trustworthy, and quality plumbing company you have been looking for, and have even been voted the “Best Plumber in Toronto” by Toronto Life magazine.

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Our Service Areas:

We are able to provide service, morning, noon and night (including emergency plumbing) throughout the Greater Toronto Area, including: the former cities of North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke and York; the former bourough of East York; and in the 905 region, including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Vaughan.

Some Words from Our Customers: Toronto Plumbing Testimonials

Over our 20 years serving the Greater Toronto Area, we’ve collected thousands of pieces of feedback from our valued customers. Here is just a sampling of some recent DrainWorks reviews, pulled from HomeStars.com – where we have a sterling average rating of 9.6 out of 10:

“From the moment I spoke to William on the phone to the last handshake with Mathew when the job was complete, I could not have been more satisfied. I was given a high quote by another company and a friend recommended I call Drainworks. Best decision. Mathew was an amazing technician, he walked me through everything he was checking, investigating, after my sewer backed up in my basement.

By the time he finished the service call, I had a clear understanding of the pipes in my house and that tree roots had caused my pipes to crack and back up. He showed me the camera footage, and took the time to answer all of my questions. Then the day of the job, was told 2 day job, finished by dinner time in 1 day…The crew and Frank were so polite, efficient, took great care of my property, by the time they were done you would never had known hours earlier there was a 7 foot hole in my garden. And my basement floor and tenant’s apartment had no sign of bags of dirt and dug up floors.

Mathew returned for inspection and again his personality and the way he communicates with customers, kudo’s to Drainworks for finding him. He was efficient, clear and friendly…Great job! Thank you.”

Teresa, Toronto

“After several visits from referred plumbers I called Drainworks as they had done minor work for me in the past. In 20 minutes Armando and his team had identified the sewer fly and drainage issue. Work was completed in a few days. Armando had provided images of the work at every stage. There are no more sewer flies and drains are working properly. Armando and his team were great and I would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Dan, Scarborough

“Due to a drain blockage we were not able to use our washer, dishwasher or any kitchen equipment. I came across DrainWorks Plumbing on the internet and decided to give them a call because of the reviews I read. Guess what, the reviews were bang on!! From the time I called (Sunday afternoon) and spoke to J.P. who set up the appointment to Jim (super plumber) who resolved the problem, a total of 4 hours elapsed. OUTSTANDING!! Professional and courteous.”

Mike, Etobicoke

“Mike and his crew came out today to remove our old clay building trap and we are very happy with their work. They used a camera to scope before and after completion and explained the job each step along the way. At the end of the day we had our plumbing work completed, they did a great job of cleaning up and even threw in some top soil to make things look a little tidier.
The experience was great from quote to finish. The team was very professional and courteous and did a great job.
We have used DrainWorks before and would do so again!”

A.S., East York

“From the moment I called Drainworks and spoke with William , I knew they were 1st class. It only got better when Mike and Eric showed up on time. They were extremely professional and they would be welcomed in my home anytime. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has a plumbing problem.

Thank you.”

Dennis in Mississauga

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