Plumbing Inspection & Maintenance Services

Whether you need a plumbing inspection for your new home, selling your current home or for insurance purposes, the DrainWorks team of Toronto Plumbers will be happy to conduct this service for you.

A plumbing inspection is one of those things where a little diligence now can save you a lot of problems later. This is particularly true with older homes. Old houses often have character to them, but sometimes come with their fair share of unwelcome surprises, as well. That can be in the form of electrical wiring, insulation, structure, foundation, and plumbing as well.

Plumbing Inspections: Don’t Do It Yourself

A proper inspection of plumbing requires the expertise of a licensed, professional and reliable plumber. They rely on their years of experience and knowledge to accurately assess and note potential issues. Doing it yourself leaves you at risk of missing potentially glaring issues that can end up costing you significant money in the long run.

This is particularly true of homes in older neighbourhoods of Toronto, such as East York, North Toronto, The Beaches, or Etobicoke, for example.

There are a whole lot of different things to keep in mind during an inspection, and it requires a good amount of knowledge and experience in terms of what to look for. For some peace of mind that the inspection’s being done correctly, lean on the experts at DrainWorks.

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How a Plumbing Inspection Works:

One of our fully-licensed plumbers will provide you and your home with an accurate, quality and thoroughly detailed analysis and inspection of the plumbing in your home. Our plumbing inspections will bring you peace of mind, knowing that our plumbers are the best of the best and won’t miss a thing.

Our plumber will take the time to walk you through their findings at your pace, assuring that you have the level of understanding that you wish to have. And if it does so happen that you would like a plumbing repair done on the spot, not to worry, our plumbers are always prepared and will be able to look after whatever you need.

We use modern camera technology to do a thorough drain camera inspection and give you our expert recommendations.

What Do You Check for in a Plumbing Inspection?

Here are some things that we’ll commonly check out when carrying out a thorough plumbing inspection:

  • Identification of lead pipes and recommendation for replacement;
  • Inspection of drainage pipes for any exfiltration of waste water, tree root growth or damaged/broken pipes;
  • Hot Water Tank plumbing service;
  • Checking of supply line valves;
  • Assessment of outdoor faucets/taps to ensure their correct operation and location.
  • Inspection of basement drainage and crawl space for signs of leaks.

This is not an inclusive list but should give you a sense of what we offer as part of our inspection services. If we do identify problems, our plumbers area always ready to fix the issues right then and there, if it’s possible to.

Our friendly, expert plumbers and technicians always keep the customer informed every step of the way, and are full-time, salaried employees – so they’ll never try to upsell you. That’s our promise to you, and that’s the DrainWorks advantage.

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Plumbing Inspection Testimonials:


“We had a water backup from the basement floor drain, which was our own waste water. I wanted to know if the blockage was on our property or on the city side of the sewer line, so I phoned DrainWorks for a camera inspection. We had a good experience with the company a few years ago when they replaced the outside trap on our line.
The DrainWorks serviceman arrived quite soon after our call in the morning. The inspection quickly showed the drain on our property was clear, but there was a large tree root growing in the city line going out to the street. At the same time, the camera probe dislodged some material causing the immediate blockage, and our drain quickly emptied.
I later phoned the Toronto water department to have the root blockage cleared out, which was done the next morning. The line had been more than half blocked.
As I already had the camera inspection from DrainWorks, I could convince the city that the blockage was on its side of the line, I had a quicker response than on other occasions.
I have not had a lot of need for plumbers, but next time I do, I will most certainly call on DrainWorks again.”

– Pat and John in Davisville

“Exceptional and prompt service, reasonable price, professional and detailed upfront explanation, work was done efficiently, successfully, on time and with minimum mess, several camera inspections before, during and after work, very clean and tidy job completion, thorough inspection of the complete sewer system, excellent customer service” 

– Hamid in Toronto

“Chris came right on time, and didn’t seem bothered if I asked reasonable or dumb questions. I asked advice on other plumbing issues in the house and was quite helpful. In terms of the relocation of the outdoor faucet, he was quick but thorough, and gave me several options as to where the faucet could/should go. He gave me maintenance instructions for proper ‘winterizing’ to prevent future problems. I had also recently bought a toilet ready to be installed DIY. I asked his opinion on the brand and he told me his professional opinion bluntly. He gave me his recommendation and where I could purchase it. Great job, happy with the outcome.”

– Ed in Toronto

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