Toronto Plumbing Repair & Installation Services

Eventually we all need to repair or replace plumbing fixtures or pipes in our homes. It can be due to age, how it was installed, quality of the product, or even just for aesthetic purposes.

Why Choose DrainWorks?

  • Highly experienced plumbers.
  • Licensed, insured, salaried staff.
  • No overtime fees, no commission fees.
  • Exact-to-the-penny pricing.
  • Ranked as the Best Toronto Plumber.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Plumbing Parts and Workmanship.

At DrainWorks, we’ve made our name on providing Toronto’s most thorough plumbing repair and plumbing installation services for over 20 years, throughout the GTA.

We’ll arrive on time, when we say we’ll be there. We will take the utmost care with your home and treat it as if its our own.

And once we’re there, our plumbers at DrainWorks have the convenience of what we call a mobile warehouse, which is another name for the trucks they drive. We call it this because our trucks are fully-equipped, complete with all sorts of plumbing fixtures and repair tools, including faucets, toilets, and a variety of pipes and other parts. So no matter what your problem entails, unless it is quite an unusual case, we have a solution for it in our truck, meaning we never have to ‘run out’ to the local hardware store to go pick up a piece – which delays your service, costs you money, and can be inconvenient to your daily plans.

We are also happy to install your own purchased brands of fixtures if you prefer. At DrainWorks, the choice is always up to the customer.

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Types of Repairs & Installations Commonly Provided:

  • Faucets and taps
  • Pipe repair or replacement
  • Toilet repair, installation or replacement
  • Sink Repair and Installation
  • Gasket repair
  • Water service upgrades

Read on for some of our reviews from real customers who have used our plumbing repair services in Toronto and the surrounding GTA area.

Plumbing Repair Reviews:


Toilet replacement:

“I sent DrainWorks an e-mail request on Sunday night – got a call back Monday morning – the new toilet was installed by Monday afternoon. This was not an emergency, but Jeff Wright (the installer) showed up on time (early, actually, but called to confirm that that was ok). He showed me options, and told me that my new toilet was eligible for a City of Toronto rebate. Great job, great service, and very pleasant to deal with.” Bill H. in Toronto

New gasket for Toilet:

“I had a toilet in my condo suite, which was leaking due to a faulty gasket. The only reason I knew about this was because the tenants directly below my suite were complaining about the leaking water coming from upstairs. I called DrainWorks Plumbing on a Tuesday, and by Thursday, my toilet’s gasket was removed and a new one was put in. The plumber they sent was courteous, professional, and a knowledgeable man. I would recommend DrainWorks, to all.” Samie in Toronto

Outdoor faucet relocation:

“Chris came right on time, and didn’t seem bothered if I asked reasonable or dumb questions. I asked advice on other plumbing issues in the house and was quite helpful. In terms of the relocation of the outdoor faucet, he was quick but thorough, and gave me several options as to where the faucet could/should go. He gave me maintenance instructions for proper ‘winterizing’ to prevent future problems.” Ed in North Toronto

Toilet Not Flushing:

“Found DrainWorks online. They were able to come within 2 hours of calling. Technician, Lou, very efficient and polite. Let me know quickly what he was going to do and price and solved my problem. Not something you want to spend money on but with two kids what are you going to do, gotta have all the toilets working!” Sarah in Etobicoke

Kitchen faucet, garage tap, 4 restroom toilets replaced:

“We moved into our home that was 6 years old. All four toilets needed to be flushed 2 times (at least) in order to remove waste. This was an unfortunate surprise, thanks to cheap, garbage builder toilets! When you have guests, it is a terrible embarrassment. In addition, the garage tap was leaking and the ensuite washroom sink had a pipe leaking water below the sink. I perused and DrainWorks had great reviews. Called immediately. A plumber was available to come the same day, as luck would have it. Phil, the plumber was truly exceptional. He promptly assessed the areas that needed to be fixed. I really wanted something to be done about the toilets. Essentially without a better toilet, the waste removal problem would persist. In the end, I decided to replace all 4 toilets in the home at the same time. In the meantime, Phil replaced the garage tap, replaced the pipe below en-suite sink and happened to find a leak in the kitchen faucet incidentally, so we picked out a new faucet (from the handy selection in the truck). He replaced the kitchen faucet the same day too. It only took about 3 days for the new toilets to arrive. Very fast service. Phil came back and installed all 4 toilets.  After he left, I noticed that the toilets had less water level in the toilet bowl. I was very concerned as I didn’t think to ask him at the time about this and was surprised. I called DrainWorks and had them ask Phil to call me. He called me and explained about this newer model having a lower water level in the bowl (conserving water). I was still a little uneasy HOWEVER I AM PLEASED TO SAY THAT THESE TOILETS FLUSH GREAT! Phil truly knew what was best and did his best to help me choose a great model of toilet within my price range.”  Haleema in Woodbridge