Water Service Replacement (Torpedoing)

For the city water pipe to your home

Why Replace Your Water Service?


The water service is the water pipe which delivers water to your home from the City of Toronto. This water pipe can be considered in two sections – the first being the section which runs from the watermain (the main water pipeline) to your, the homeowner’s property line. This section of the pipe is owned and maintained by the city.

The second section of the pipe which falls on your property is your responsibility.

For homes built prior to the 1950s, the water pipe may be constructed of lead, which was a popular plumbing pipe material back then. However, once the dangers of lead were recognized, its use was prohibited in the mid-1950s by the Ontario Plumbing Code.

Even just replacing one section of a lead water system will not fully address the risk of lead in your drinking water.

The City of Toronto encourages you to replace the water line on your property. Full replacement of the pipe is the only way to ensure safer drinking water.

They also encourage homeowners to replace their side of the line first.

Water Service Replacement Methods

For replacing your main water service line, there are essentially two options which are possible, and which the DrainWorks team of drain technicians are skilled and experienced in performing.

  1. Manual excavation
  2. Torpedoing

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What is Torpedoing?

Despite an intimidating name, torpedoing is a method of drain replacement which takes part underground by sending a long snake-like device horizontally through the ground.

Advantages of Torpedo Method:

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  • It’s less disruptive to the homeowner. Your yard isn’t completely dug up, reducing unnecessary damage and disruption to your home’s landscaping and vegetation.
  • It’s versatile: using the torpedo method, the pipe can go under existing structures, such as a walkway or driveway.
  • It can be more cost-effective. In many cases, the torpedo method is the more financially prudent way to do a water service replacement.


If you are concerned that your water line pipes may be lead, you should act quickly on it to reduce the chance of ill effects.

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