Toronto Water Service Upgrades

As many of you Toronto homeowners likely know, the City of Toronto is regularly upgrading peoples’ water meters, wherein they request that the person also upgrade their water line from lead/galvanized to copper pipes. This is to ensure that when a connection is made from the new water meter that there is not a leak from the old lead pipe to the new copper pipe. And of course, lead content in water is a health concern. Furthermore, upgrading your water service can also give you an increase in water pressure.

Faucet Water Pressure

Why You Might Need It:

In Toronto, just about everyone is on municipal water or “City water”. The water comes into your home from the city side, underground, and then into your home – typically at the inside front wall of the home and then from there it disperses to the fixtures accordingly. Sometimes, you might not be getting as much water pressure as you otherwise could be, which can be caused by a few things.

The main reason you might not receive as much water pressure as you should is because there is too much friction as the water travels from the City side and into your home. This friction is from having a smaller diameter water line than needed. A lot of people have ½” diameter water lines, whereas ¾” is generally more optimal.

Lead Pipe Replacement:

Yet as mentioned above, even more than an increase in water pressure, the main reason for a water service upgrade is to move away from lead pipes that can compromise your health.

Homes built prior to the 1950s commonly may have lead pipes running into the home. Once the dangers of lead were recognized, its use was prohibited in the mid-1950s by the Ontario Plumbing Code.

Even just replacing one section of a lead water system will not fully address the risk of lead in your drinking water. Lead from an outdated lead water line can seep into your potable water if it’s deteriorated, potentially causing serious health concerns.

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Reviews on Water Service Upgrades in Toronto:


“I’ve had numerous dealings with Drainworks and with every one the service gets better. The communication with the office is fantastic, and the calls are handled with great professionalism. You can always be in contact with them and NO CALL SERVICE. And now to their plumbers, THEY ARE THE BEST! The best parts, the best ideas, and the absolute best workmanship.

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John & Elizabeth, Toronto

“I needed a plumber to quickly assess and upgrade the water line coming into my home. Drainworks was there within a couple hours, giving a reasonable estimate and more importantly, recommending a service (hydro boring) that would be a less intrusive option. Nice touch given that everyone else was ready to plow ahead with torpedoing a line through.

Drainworks co-ordinated their work with the city, whose workers were on-site upgrading the city line.
And finally, I was pleased that a Drainworks representative came by to walk me through the bill and check the job.

In short, they were fabulous.”

PDG in The Annex

“We wanted to replace our main water service before doing any more work on the plumbing. Decided to replace the main because if we found out down the road it was a problem, we wouldnt be able to deal with it later. Called Drainworks, received a tech and a quote the same day. I wasn’t available to be there while they did the work, but was assured if I wasnt happy they’d fix it. Being my second job with Drainworks I was confident everything would go well. They repaired the basement floor nicely, positioned the meter and incoming line in a good spot, and made a minimal cut in the driveway (which now matches my main sewer replacement patch).”

Michael H., Toronto