Why Does My Toilet Smell Like a Sewer – A common complaint we get from customers is that of a foul sewer or sulphur-like smell coming from their toilet – even when it’s not in use (or recently used).

Well, it’s not you.

As the Toronto drain cleaning experts, it’s something we see quite frequently. This is sewer gas coming up from the drain line and escaping from your toilet. It’s unpleasant to smell and also unhealthy, as it contains methane and bacteria. So, it’s not something to ignore.

This is generally caused by an issue with what is called the p-trap; a U-shaped pipe that holds a little water in it to form a seal that prevents sewer gases from creeping up and out the plumbing fixture – which in this case would be a toilet.

P-Trap Plumbing Why Does My Toilet Smell Like a Sewer

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Infrequent use

If the toilet that is smelling is a guest toilet for instance, this is almost certainly because this little water reservoir in the p-trap has evaporated, allowed the gases to escape out of the toilet.


if the p-trap itself leaks, it may not be able to hold enough water to prevent gases from escaping. In this case, you would likely notice the amount of water leaking.

Broken or loose seal

The toilet attaches to the below drain pipe through two different seals. If they are broken, loose, or not properly installed, they could allow for sewer gases to seep out.

Vent pipe

Plumbing systems also have an air intake system that feeds air into the pipes. If this becomes blocked, it could allow for some fumes to back-draft into the bathroom.

Damaged toilet

If your toilet is cracked or broken, such as around the bolts that fasten it to the floor or a crack from aggressively using a drain snake, this could eventually lead to escaping sewer gases.

To Fix It Properly

Although we are happy to see people take the initiative to fix things around the home, some issues are better left to the plumbers in Toronto. This is one of those plumbing problems you’ll want fixed properly and with a clear diagnosis as to what is causing the issue.

Remember, when you call DrainWorks we will quickly and professionally aim to provide you with the best customer service provided in the industry.

Why Does My Toilet Smell Like a Sewer.

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